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Even though many Vancouver homeowners don’t often think about it – proper attic ventilation is important for a safe home and well-maintained roof. Properly-installed attic ventilation regulates temperature and moisture, hence, reducing the risk of major damage to your roof and home which saves you money on heating and cooling costs. Proper ventilation eliminates moist, hot air and replaces it with fresh, dry air which extends the life of your roof.

Our Air-Vent certified technicians are skilled in repairing and maintaining existing systems, including solutions such as:
Ridge Ventilation
Ridge vents are a popular exhaust vent system installed along roof ridges. They are installed along the full length of a roof’s horizontal ridge and blend seamlessly into a roof’s design making them an attractive option. Ridge ventilation installation allows continuous airflow. It allows warm air to rise straight up and outside immediately, keeping the air inside a home fresh and well-ventilated.
Intake Ventilation
Intake vents are designed to allow outside air into the attic, roof or other ventilation spaces. We install intake vents such as bird locks and smart vents.

Bird locks, also known as soffit vents, are located underneath the eaves of your roof. Smart vents combine ridge and soffit venting and are normally installed beneath the first layer of shingles at the edge of the roof. It’s ideal when installing a new roof or replacing an old one.
Solar Ventilation
Solar-powered ventilation systems come with many benefits. Like other solar-powered products, this solar fan for attics is environmentally friendly and costs way less to use.

Ultimately, solar ventilation combats rising heat, resulting in lower energy bills. Additionally, it aims at moisture, which without, causes costly rot or mildew problems. The cost reduction of this solar ventilation for attics goes all year round.

Solar ventilation gives you cooler living spaces and lowers the utility bills. Winter ventilation protects homes from potential fungus, mold, and other critical problems caused by the accumulation of moisture.