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Gutter repairs and maintenance is one of our main services at Hybrid Exterior Solutions. As the weather changes, debris such as leaves and sticks accumulate in the gutters and create an environment that supports the growth of mildew and moss. Over time, it gets thicker and makes it impossible for water to flow properly. At this point, the gutters don’t drain, and your foundation is at risk.
Inspection and Evaluation
Trust our experienced consultants to inspect the entire eaves-trough system carefully, assess external or interior water damage, and provide a rating to the performance of your system. As we carry out inspection, we look out for any damage done to the soffits, and if there is a rotten fascia board. We then determine the best maintenance approach to ensure good performance, structural stability and overall building protection of the roof.

We specialize in repairing:
  • Eaves-trough/ gutter/ drains
  • Fascia/ Soffit
  • Leaf guards gutter protection screens
As we repair the eaves-trough, we aim to optimize the system for maximum water flow and debris control. This includes:
  • correcting the system’s slope
  • replace corners
  • eliminate leaky seals
  • clean and unclog outlets
  • install larger outlets
  • reattach or replace downpipes
  • fix sections of gutter that may have been damaged by excessive snowfall or freezing conditions
When it comes to proper gutter cleaning, Vancouver residents can expect Hybrid Exterior Solutions to provide exceptional services. We use the newest technical tools to ensure the very best results are delivered. We use safe and highly efficient cleaning tools made specifically for your home and the gutters.