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Could the exterior of your Vancouver home use a WOW factor? Or do you wish to enhance the energy efficiency of your house using the latest Vancouver siding and insulation material? Thanks to experienced home siding experts at Hybrid Exterior Solutions, we can help you improve the state of your home’s curb with our solid siding repair services.

When your exterior starts to show signs of rot or deterioration, there could potentially be more damage underneath. When it’s wet and windy, don’t wait to fix your siding and ruin the structure when there are professionals to handle that for you.

Siding doesn’t always have to be entirely replaced. Our team of skilled craftsmanship can improve the function of your siding and extend the life of your exterior home. Siding damage can be difficult to notice with the naked eye. We can identify wood rot, cracks, and other structural issues that could affect your home.

We provide siding repair and restoration for:

Vinyl Siding Damage
Vinyl siding is a budget-friendly option for homeowners who want to save on maintenance, exterior painting, and installation costs. However, vinyl siding can have its disadvantages. It dents easily, changes its shape in certain weather, and doesn’t insulate a home as well as composite or wood siding.
Hardie Siding
Hardie Siding, also known as fiber cement siding has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Compared to vinyl, this durable material looks more like natural wood or brick, which requires less maintenance like traditional wood siding. If our inspection reveals that your siding is too damaged to be cost-effectively or safely repaired, we’re here to help with your siding replacement needs.
Aluminum Siding
Aluminum siding repairs should be done as soon as they are noticed so as to help maintain the curb appeal of your home. Aluminum siding has its own disadvantages. Whether it’s the old fashioned painted variety or the newer vinyl-coated planks. Aluminum can become ugly quickly as it’s prone to scratches and dents. If you want to maintain the value and beauty of your home with your aluminum siding, Hybrid Exterior Solutions is here to be of great service.