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Solar energy is an infinitely renewable resource. It takes the power of the sun and converts it into electricity for your home, making it very affordable and efficient.

However, solar roofing installations can be a complex process. You, therefore, need assistance from professionals like us. With years of experience in the business, Hybrid Exterior Solutions is Vancouver’s trusted solar roofers.
Solar Fusion and Integration
We provide solar-integrated panels or roof-integrated modules designed to give you attractive options with the newest technology customized for your energy uses. Roof integrated solar replaces the tiles on the roof where the panels sit lower down in the roofline and look more like a part of the house and less like a rack-mounted system.

Solar panels are supposed to last thirty years or more. In all this time, it is likely that the roof covering needs maintenance or replacement. On-roof systems come with tiles or slates behind the panels. As a result, the solar system would have to be decommissioned and removed before a single tile can be replaced.

A simple job that can be done from a roof ladder by a roofing contractor now becomes a hard task that requires scaffolding and the involvement of an electrician or solar installer. However, with solar roofs, there are no tiles behind the panels. This means all roofing repairs can be carried out while leaving the solar system in place.